Sometimes you have to just make something.

Neuroportraits | The March for Science, San Francisco

Neuroeducate is working to highlight human neurodiversity by map the brain waves of people all around the world. We followed them for a day at the March for Science in San Francisco.

Producer - Elizabeth Ricker
Director - Cheryl Isaacson
Cinematographer - Lucie Baudin
Sound Recordist- Michaela Keil
Editor - Susie Heyden

A Lincoln Street Studios production

Special Thanks - Cinefemme Directors Circle, Ricker Labs, Connect Film Festival, Sabian Labs and the March for Science

All music performed and recorded live at the 2017 March for Science. 

A Day without a Woman | Clara Lemlich

When there is a wrong to be fought, when things are uncertain and dangerous, when there is no financial incentive for being on the right side of history - we find women leading the charge. Inspired by the Women's March and the Day without a Woman general strike on March 8th, 2017, I've decided to amplify some of these voices in a project called "Her Persistence".

Writer/Director - Cheryl Isaacson
Producer - Rob Ernst
EP - Joshua Soto
Cinematographer - Peter J Lindsey
1st AC - Susie Heyden
Special Thanks - Cinefemme Directors Circle, Yellow Bus Advertising, Soto Media Group and Cat&Cloud Coffee

Featuring performances of the song “quiet” by Milck performed and recorded by a group of Actors and Artists from Edmonton Alberta Canada at the Varscona Theatre.
(Choir: Stephanie Wolfe Shannon Blanchet Jenna Dykes Busby April Bannigan Dkilys Kulchitsky and Violet Busby), members of Slynkören and friends, One voice Germany, sara olrog and friends in Helsingborg, Sweden

Ending crowd footage: On February 6th, a sold-out crowd of 1300 singers at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto raised their voices to protest the current US administration’s threatening action on global liberty, women’s rights, healthcare etc. Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman, co-founders of C!C!C!, taught their arrangement of “Quiet” to the pumped-up, all-ages crowd, and an hour later, MILCK joined them to sing lead and record a powerful show of peaceful, harmonic resistance, with proceeds going to support the American Civil Liberties Union.

#icantkeepquiet #ADWAW #womensmarch